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GAP Youth Outreach

360 - 8th Street, Brandon, MB

Phone: 204-571-6530


FB & IG: @ GAP Youth Outreach

Youth Outreach

Youth can connect to our team at weekly cultural activities, and monthly workshops & clinics! Students connected to Prairie Hope High School are encouraged to inquire with school admin! Check out our social media for monthly calendars and posters!

GAP Connections

GAP supports youth ages 16 - 26 who may be at risk of homelessness or are within their first year of experiencing homelessness in Brandon, MB. We have a small case management team that can provide intensive support for 6-to-30-months while prevention foundations and tenancy skills develop and/or holistic teams of natural and community-based supports are established. Referred youth may experience wait times for case management support - but they can always connect with our team at weekly cultural activities and monthly workshops! We aim to follow-up on all referrals within 2-business-days, and may be able to make recommendations of other resources and how to access them in the meantime.

Referral Process

To connect youth to GAP, please email a complete a referral form to

Program Brochure

Referral Form

Visual Aid for Youth

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