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Aboriginal Healing & Wellness

Unit C - 602 Rosser Avenue, Brandon, Manitoba, R7A-0K7

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Phone: (204) 726-8791              Fax: (204) 726-0093             Email:

Aboriginal Healing & Wellness is a counselling and wellness centre that utilizes Indigenous healing ways and mental health practices within its services and programs.

The purpose of the service is to assist individuals on the path of healing and wellness. We believe in using the head, heart, hands, and spirit to guide individuals on their healing journey.

The goal of the service is to enhance the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of individuals through holistic healing.

Healing Objectives

  • To provide supportive individual counselling in a culturally safe practice.
  • To offer healing and wellness programs and services to the community.
  • To provide a safe environment that is reflective of Indigenous ways of knowing.
Services and Programs Offered

•Individual counselling services

•Coping with anger program

•Sharing circles

•Elders’ coffee club


•Medicine picking & giving

•Wellness workshops

•Cultural initiatives

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