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Brandon Friendship Housing Authority (BFHA)

The aim of the BFHA is to provide Aboriginal families with affordable housing as a vehicle for reaching towards a higher level of existence.

The office of the Brandon Friendship Centre Housing Authority is located at:

 836 Lorne Ave. Brandon, MB R7A0T8

Monday to Friday Between 8:30am and 4:30pm

e-mail -


Only Indigenous clients are selected to occupy designated units. Eligible clients are those who cannot afford or obtain adequate and suitable accommodation in their market area. Eligible applicants are interviewed and approved applicants are offered rental units as vacancies occur.


The BFHA is a non-profit housing corporation which assists Indigenous families in obtaining adequate and suitable housing at charges that are geared to their incomes. The BFHA which formally began operating on November 1st, 1989, is funded by and operating agreement with the Urban Native Branch of the Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation, which represents the federal and Manitoba governments.


The Brandon Friendship Housing Authority Inc. is governed by the board. There are seven seats on the Board


All members of the Brandon Friendship Centre are members of the BFHA, and are eligible to vote at the BFC Annual General Meeting held in June.


Families in designated units pay rent based on the province's rent-to-income scale. Generally, families will pay a basic rent of 27% of their total family income. 

These basic rents cover the cost of a fully serviced unit supplied with heat, water, refrigerator, and stove. Brandon Friendship Housing Authority (BFHA) units come supplies with amenities which cause the basic rent to be increased to reflect the economic costs of providing such amenities. minor adjustments are made to the rent to cover parking costs, laundry, lights and tenant insurance.


  1. Acquire and purchase units and other professionals
  2. Accept and review applications from prospective tenants and obtain references and evidence total income of applicants and keep an updated list of qualified applicants
  3. Secure tenancy agreements with successful applicants in accordance with the Native Urban Program Guidelines and The Landlord and Tenant Act
  4. Determine, Calculate and collect rent
  5. Provide tenant counselling and the tenant control
  6. Arrange payment of utility bills
  7. Ensure maintenance and repair of units
  8. Ensure accurate bookkeeping and reporting
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