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Brandon Access/Exchange Service (BAES)

360 8th St, Brandon Manitoba, R7A 3X4

Please call (204) 729-8115 for any inquires

E-mail account -

Administrative Hours:

Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm

What is B.A.E.S?

  • We are a non-profit organization funded by Status of Women and supported by BFC.
  • B.A.E.S. is a Parent and Child Visitation Access Program
  • B.A.E.S. provides supervised access services to families where there has been a history of domestic violence and/or where their exists a high level of conflict.
  • The primary goal of B.A.E.S. is to ensure the safety and well being of children by providing a secure and comfortable environment in which visits and exchanges can occur.
  • B.A.E.S. does provide services to families where children are in Care of Child and Family Services.

Program Services:

  • Supervised Visits: When a monitor is with the non-custodial parent and child (ren) for the entire scheduled visit
  • Supervised Intermittent: When the non-custodial parent/party and the child (ren) remain inside our access centre for the entire visit.
  • Supervised Exchanges: When the non-custodial parent/party uses our access centre for pick-ups and drop-offs of children.

How do I Apply?

  • Participation in B.A.E.S. is voluntary or can be court ordered.
  • We encourage both parents to contact the office and separate appointment will be arrange for the intake process.
  • You do not need a court order to use the program.

To schedule an appointment or for further information please contact 204-729-8115 or e-mail the program directly at

Service fees applicable.

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